Recognise Palestine as step towards peace

Greetings from the Holy City of the Resurrection, City of Hope where life conquered death.

The all important event for all in Palestine and Israel has been the Palestinian Authority’s request to the United Nations to vote on the recognition of Palestine as a full member state.

At Caritas Jerusalem, we have seen the ravages of the occupation on the people for the past 44 years. There is the destruction of houses and crops, the discrimination for access to resources and services, the fear of random arrest and the creeping despair that eventually we might lose the our land to Israeli settlers. 

The feeling of injustice and humiliation is in every heart. If Palestine becomes a UN member, Palestinians will regain their dignity. 

They will be considered as equals in peace negotiations and when defending their cause in the UN forum. They will have access to the International Court of Justice to protect the rights of their land. They will finally believe in a peaceful future in Palestine for their children.

A positive vote would not result in an instant peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. However, it would be a real opportunity to restart the negotiations. 

– Claudette Habesch, General Secretary of Caritas Jerusalem

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