Ten inspirational young Catholics

Paschal Uche greets the Pope in England


1. Paschal Uche

Paschal Uche is the personable young man who welcomed Pope Benedict outside Westminster Cathedral during the papal visit to Britain last September. Paschal, 22, is a pharmacy student from east London and was chosen by the Diocese of Brentwood to personally welcome the Holy Father on behalf of young Catholics.

A global television and internet audience of several million saw Paschal giving a speech of welcome to the Pope, and he was splashed all over the BBC, the Daily Telegraph and Sky News. He then summoned the nerve to shake Pope Benedict’s hand and ask him for a blessing.

The Pope replied with the words: “Thank you for your warm welcome.” The Pope was also given a royal welcome by 2,500 other young Catholics gathered in the piazza of the Cathedral. Many consider that the joyous greeting that Paschal gave the Pope dispersed a lot of the negativity in the mainstream media about how the Pope would be received in Britain.

2. Lila Rose

Lila Rose is only 23, but since founding Live Action eight years ago she has done some of the most influential pro-life campaign work to date.

Lila is best known for her sting operations where she has exposed alleged abuses committed by America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. For the past five years Lila has visited their clinics all over the US, wearing police video cameras to document staff practices.

Using the new media to make these known, Live Action YouTube videos have attracted millions of hits. In February Lila told the Catholic Herald that even ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood are becoming “disgusted”.

Lila was raised a Protestant but converted two years ago to Catholicism because she hungered for the Eucharist. Most recently, Lila has turned her attention to upholding the US bishops’ firm guidelines that abortion doctors must not be employed by Catholic hospitals. She runs peaceful information stands outside Catholic hospitals that employ abortion doctors as  full-time staff.

3. James Bradley

James Bradley is a pioneering transitional deacon of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. He read the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus in November 2009 when he was 25 and studying to be an Anglican priest. In March 2011 he joined the personal ordinariate.

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