Malta's divorce law, Gregorian Chant and Noah's Ark

A diverse menu: Malta legalised divorce, the Vatican is studying the impact of outsourcing labor, and spoke out against piracy, while the Pope reiterated the importance of Gregorian chant. In Holland, a modern version of Noah's Ark has been built (pictured). 

Malta legalises divorce (Herald Sun)

Vatican studies harmful effects of labor outsourcing (Ucanews)

Pope makes rare mention of life under Nazis (CBS News)

Belgian child abuse victims sue Church (Herald sun)

Vatican issues statement on piracy (ICN)

Anti-church film festival awaits Pope in Croatia (Croatian Times)

Black sheep on Johan's ark (SMH)

Gregorian chant helps church express universal identity (CNS)

Philippines now only country with anti-divorce laws (Sun Star)

New York can block schools worship service (Wall Street Journal)

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