Which wedding vows will Kate and Will use?

Every time there is a royal wedding, the one story newspapers all love is the one in which they announce that the bride will vow to obey her husband - or not.

What Anglican form of wedding vow one uses is hardly of interest to Catholics who never get a choice in the matter.

As far as I have ever known the Catholic wedding service has one form of words and one only. The lucky Anglicans have a wide choice. There is the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, and Common Worship (2000) which, though perfectly agreeable, may well be missing the emphasis on marriage as a remedy for sin.

By comparison, the Catholic Rite of Marriage currently in use is a bit bald, but the mention of baptism is important. Neither Anglican version mentions baptism, which is rather a startling omission, to my mind.

- Father Alexander Lucie-Smith

FULL BLOG - Which wedding vows will Kate and Will use? (Catholic Herald)

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