Christopher Hitchens mellowed but not converted

With Christopher Hitchens, it is not a question of Christianity having been tried and found wanting: it has simply never been tried – or understood, writes Francis Phillips in the Catholic Herald.

In an interview with Mick Brown in the Sunday Telegraph magazine, Hitchens says he has never yearned for faith: "There isn't the evidence and I don't see why anyone would want it to be true. A permanent, invigilated, regulated dictatorship which you are told is for your own good – I can't think of anything worse."

If that is not the most grotesque distortion of Christianity in short compass, I don't know what is.

Pope Benedict XVI says the functional truth about man has been discovered. Hand in hand with growing knowledge of functional truth, there seems to be an increasing blindness towards ‘truth’ itself – towards the question of our real identity and purpose.

It hardly needs to be pointed out how this applies to Hitchens’s mindset. Still, he has mellowed. I have blogged before about Hitchens and prayer. He still needs it.

FULL BLOG Christopher Hitchens has mellowed, but his idea of Christianity is still grossly distorted (Catholic Herald)

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