We should never be afraid of the truth


Recently, I returned to Australia from visiting our Good Samaritan Sisters in Nara, Japan. For a brief time I shared their life and mission in this ancient and beautiful city. As I listened to the sisters speak of their experiences and hopes, I was profoundly affected by their responses and concerns for their fellow citizens whose lives were devastated by last year’s horrific earthquake and tsunami in the northern regions of Japan, writes Clare Condon SGS in The Good Oil.

The sisters’ responses to this tragic disaster include belonging to the National Catholic Advocacy Group, knitting scarves for the winter months, participating in local prayer and support groups, and opening their home to survivors for respite.

During my stay in Japan an historic event occurred: the 54th and last of the country’s nuclear energy reactors was shut down. It’s just over 12 months since the magnitude-nine earthquake and resulting tsunami struck, causing a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. This raised the serious alarm of Japan’s vulnerability, with 54 nuclear power plants standing in a dangerous earthquake zone.

Interestingly, it took only 12 months to close down 54 plants and to replace them with more environmentally and economically viable options. This brisk action as a result of the demands of the Japanese people proves the old adage, “where there’s a will there’s a way”. Yet, as is often the case, the will only emerges after some tragic and horrendous event. The will also needs the knowledge in order to act.

Why is it that so often we do not know the facts about nuclear energy? We can be kept literally in the dark – kept from the facts by governments, vested interests, and even the media, which can be controlled by vested interests, rather than acting with the freedom of the truth which is their vocation.

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