The Divine Artist who dwells in us


Sunday, May 27th, 2012 is Pentecost Sunday and the beginning of our Year of Grace.

The Gospel Verse is the traditional prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit:  COME HOLY SPIRIT, FILL THE HEARTS OF YOUR FAITHFUL AND KINDLE IN THEM THE FIRE OF YOUR LOVE.

It is there for us to pray often throughout the coming week.

Lectio:  Read the Gospel from John 15:26-27 and 16:12-15.

The meaning of the two verses from chapter 15 is clear:  The Paraclete will give witness to all Jesus has said and done, and the disciples in turn will do the same.  The second part of the text, from chapter 16, is about the very important role the Paraclete will play within the Christian community.  The Paraclete “must guide the disciples in the future, since Jesus has not been able to tell his disciples everything they must know.  Nor have they been able to understand his words and actions prior to his glorification.”  (NJBC 61:196).  The Holy Spirit helps Christians to understand John 8:31-32.  To sum up, “the Holy Spirit guided the community in its understanding of Jesus as the fulfilment of everything that had been promised in Scriipture.”  (NJBC 61:196).

Read the Gospel story again and ponder over a few days.  Make your response to the text.  

I share my response in Evangelizatio No. 1

Evangelizatio is my LIVED RESPONSE to the sacred scriptures given to me each week by the Church for my formation as a Christian.  If I don’t respond, they are merely texts on a page.  When I do respond, they are my life.

In response to the work of the Paraclete in my life, I recall something that the great Monastic spiritual father, Bl. Columba Marmion taught:  “The Holy Spirit closes the intimate cycle of the workings of Divine Life.  The Holy Spirit is the Divine Artist, Who by His last touches, brings the work to its full perfection.  Come and dwell in us, Father of the poor, giver of all gifts, best Consoler, and refreshment full of sweetness for the soul.”  (From ‘Christ In His Mysteries’).  Fr Karl Rahner wrote:  “The Holy Spirit of the Eternal God has come.  He is here:  The Holy Spirit is our centre, our heart.  True and absolute reality now lives in our nothingness; the strength of God vitalises our weakness; eternal life lives in mortals.  The only thing that nightfall really means now is that humanity cannot grasp the meaning of the day that has dawned on the world since Pentecost – the day that will see no sunset.”  (The Eternal Year)

(Lectio Divina is Holy Reading, that is, reading of the Sacred Scriptures.  It is a way of life, not a method of prayer.  It is about reading (and listening), reflecting, praying in tune with the Holy Spirit within me, resting in God, responding in the way I live, and continually pondering on the Scriptures).

Sr Hildegarde Ryan OSB is cloistered at Jamberoo Abbey.

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