Picking up the call


When we’re doing what God wants us to do, we know it at the depths of our being. 

Sometimes when the phone rings the last thing I want to do is answer it. Why is someone calling me now, right on dinner, when I’m frazzled and disinclined to chat or even listen properly? Then I discover it’s my sister in Brisbane calling me in Melbourne and immediately my resistance evaporates and dinner can wait.

She calls and I respond happily because with siblings you can be unashamedly yourself. And it is the same when you respond to God’s call. Meister Eckhart says it best when he writes that you are finally back in the house you have never left. John O’Donoghue writes of the relief and joy in finding the calling that expresses and incarnates your spirit. You are ‘at home in your life, heart and hearth as one’.

When we follow our calling we must inhabit our individuality, finding our truest and best selves in a way that rewards self and others. 


Picking up the call (Australian Catholics)