Pope removes doubt about Hildegard's canonisation

Even though Hildegard of Bingen was already on  the list of Catholic saints, she had not been officially canonised. So to remove all doubt,  Benedict XVI  extended the liturgical cult of St Hildegard of Bingen, to the Universal Church, which automatically inscribes her in the catalogue of saints.

Hildegard of Bingen was from Germany. She's mostly known for her religious visions and prophecies. She lived in the XI and XII century, but even so, her message is still quite alive. The Pope has talked about her and her message in two general audiences. 

In coming months, the Pope is also considering declaring her a Doctor of the Church for her high intelligence and feminine sensibility. 

St Hildegard was one of the most active women of her time. She wrote about theology and morals, but also about medicine and science. She even found the time to compose 78 musical pieces. 


Benedict XVI officially declares Hildegard of Bingen a Saint

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