Warning on cyber-bullying

Cyber-bullying and traditional bullying are two very different problems, with a new study showing even the factors that lead to the different types vary, reports the Catholic Weekly.

An international research project lead by Professor Sheryl Hemphill of Aust­ralian Catholic University found that academic failure, family conflict and past bullying behaviour were the main factors leading to ep­isodes of traditional bully­ing. 

Of these, only past behaviour, in the form of relational aggression, was a factor leading to incidents of cyber-bullying. 

Relational aggression re­fers to covert forms of bullying such as exclusion and spreading rumours. 

The study surveyed 927 students in Victoria, and found that approximately 15 per cent had been engaged in cyber-bullying and 21 per cent in traditional bullying. 

Seven per cent had been involved in both. 


Warning on cyber-bullying (Catholic Weekly)