Called to higher duties

While not all of us will be saints, we are all called to play a part in God’s plan for the world. Try our quiz to see what sort of life you might be called to live.

At a party, I am more likely to be found:

a) Running around making sure there’s enough food and drink for everyone, that everyone has what they need and is having a good time.

b) Engaged in a heated debate about politics or current affairs.

c) Engaged in a deep conversation with someone about the issues they’re facing in their lives.

d) Starting a conga line.

e) In a quiet spot in the room, soaking in the atmosphere.

When I imagine myself working to  create a better world, I am:

a) Bringing together a network of people with different gifts to unite behind a common project.

b) A voice of reason providing people with wisdom and direction.

c) Working with people individually, changing the world one life at a time.

d) Getting my hands dirty, working alongside the marginalised either at home or overseas.

e) Providing an example to others of how to live simply, sustainably and happily.


Do you have the + factor? (Australian Catholics)

Mass on Demand


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Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer

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