Restoring the pride in fatherhood

50 years ago, new dads might have celebrated the news of the birth of their first child with a drink with their mates. These days, most new fathers will be at their partner's side for the birth, sharing the intimacy of the moment.

The now cliched idea of pink and blue cigars or beers down the pub to celebrate fatherhood seems a distant memory, and from a different generation.

Stay at home dads and men with prams and baby harnesses are a growing trend.

Centacare Tasmania's men's counsellor, David Nancarrow, says this is indicative of the generational shift where, generally speaking, men are much more engaged as fathers than perhaps ever before.

But, according to David, even though attitudes about parenting roles have changed, many men are still anxious about becoming a father and are not sure what to expect with a new baby in the house. 


Restoring the pride in fatherhood (Tasmanian Catholic) - page 9

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