A book to fall in love with


I first read this book as part of a class and I fell in love with it. The book is a picture book which makes me think of how it’s for little kids, however it is because it is so deceptively ‘simple’ that this book is brilliant. 

The Red Tree is about a sad little girl who goes on an epic journey. It is also about a struggle to get through the day even though everything seems to be against you and feeling lost – not knowing what to do, who you are meant to be and where you belong. 

These themes are universal to both adults and children. 

Throughout the journey, the nameless girl encounters many obstacles which are beautifully illustrated. The use of collage, surreal imagery and the sheer amount of colour with such brief and concise words to accompany them is absolutely breathtaking for me every single time I read this book. 

I have bought a copy for myself and I’ve read it many times – I’ve also read it once to a young boy in my class who was having a bad day. This is a book about hope that should definitely be shared (try to find the red leaf on every page!).


The Red Tree - Shaun Tan (NYR: Book reviews from Strathfield library staff / ACU)