10 ways to celebrate Easter at home


1. Bask in the light of Christ

Bring out the baptismal candles of your children and pray around them after dinner or before bedtime. With the aid of photos, remember and retell the stories of the special day of their baptism.

2. Live the Easter Gospels

The Easter Gospels are full of vivid and wonderful stories of the risen Jesus appearing to his disciples. Bring these scenes alive by reading them in a creative setting which reflects the story: rise to greet the dawn (Jn 20:1), barbeque some fish on the beach (Jn 21:9), pray on a mountain top (Mt 28:16)

3. Greet one another

Instead of the standard "G’day" or grunt, greet one another on Easter morning with a traditional Christian greeting: "He is risen!" "He is risen indeed."


10 ways to celebrate Easter at home (The Story Source)