New chapter unfolds in Vince's life


Vince O'Rourke had "three days off in six years" when caring for his wife Margaret who died from Alzheimer's disease in October 2006.

In hindsight Vince admitted "it was stupid to not take time off" when his energies were so depleted.

Yet the doting husband cared for Margaret unconditionally and considered the role "the greatest gift ever received".

The former Brisbane Catholic Education director wrote I Wish I Was a Leper based on their life together before and after Margaret's diagnosis, and from his diary entries from the latter.

"How often do you get to take someone you love ... someone who can't remember how to blow their nose, can't drink ... and care for them?" he told The Leader about a year after the book was released.


New chapter unfolds in Vince's life (Catholic Leader)

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