We should be less afraid of intervening in chaotic families


Where do babies come from? No idea. It is amazing that I have managed to have some without being assessed, vetted and put on special measures. 

For my complete lack of belief in testing small children at every stage would surely have counted against me. 

I am referring to a new study that connects the way we feed babies with their later Sats results. 

A longitudinal study of 10,000 children now links demand feeding (feeding them when they cry, as opposed to sticking to a four-hour schedule) with higher IQ scores at the age of eight, and better performance in national curriculum tests, known as Sats, at ages five, seven, 11 and 14. 

Where to begin with what this study tells us about our attitudes to children? 

First, new parents are bombarded with contradictory information, so the only thing you can say to most harassed new mothers is: "Everything you do is wrong, but your child will probably survive it." 


We should be less afraid of intervening in chaotic families (The Guardian)

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