Strengths-based parenting


The speaker is Loren Hartcher, 32, wife of Joel, 33, and mother of George, 2, and Rose, 4 months. Joel teaches Year 6 at Out Lady of Lourdes Primary, Tarro, on a part time basis, so that he can spend three days at home with George and Rose.

When Loren returns to dentistry from maternity leave, she will work three days, with flexible hours, so that there is always a parent at home - or at the park, the library, visiting grandparents or any number of other enticing child-friendly activities.

As Loren says, "I love being a dentist, I always wanted to do dentistry, and after all that study I certainly couldn't imagine not doing it.

Loren and Joel are conscious that not everyone understands the choices they have made - to postpone the bigger home, the five star holiday, the newer vehicle - for the sake of more time and less pressure. They feel a certain privilege in the opportunity they have to choose and realise that their way does not suit everyone, but for now, as Joel says, "It works for us".


Strengths based parenting (Aurora)