Missionary volunteer in Samoa


Michael Billington volunteered for the Cagliero Project, the Australia-Pacific Salesian Province's volunteer missionary program, after hearing about it from friends. 

When Michael began work a week after he arrived at the airport of the Samoan capital Apia, there were about 100 students but no school, as construction was still underway and would not be finished for several months. 

He recalls that his first thought was "boy, this school needs a lot of work!" 

"It was a bit intense," he acknowledges, "as the temporary premises were literally in the middle of the village and you didn't always know whether you were at school or in the village and there were people coming and going all the time and the access road to the main road ran straight through the school grounds." 


Michael Billington: A Cagliero Volunteer prefer this one (Salesian Bulletin)