Why the Angelus?


Why did an angel come to earth to confront the young woman Mary, not much more than a girl, with the invitation to become nothing less than the Mother of God? 

It was the incident that changed the Universe, that the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. God became a human being through the cooperation of one of us, in the person of Mary. 

For eight centuries it has been a dear Christian devotion, to commemorate that invitation and Mary's response, and the consequence. 

Bells were rung three times a day – morning noon and evening – to call Christian people to remember and celebrate in their hearts that event. We have all seen Millet's painting of the two French peasants working in the field, putting down their basket and hoe and bowing their heads in prayer as the bell rings out in the village church.

I was caught by surprise by a journalist from the Adelaide Advertiser phoning me to say he had heard that as bishop I had instructed the Angelus to be reintroduced into all the schools of our diocese of Port Pirie.


Bishop Greg O'Kelly: Why the Angelus? (CathNews)

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