Education a 'family business' for Chatswood principal


Education is a family business for John Couani, who, in 2011, became the first lay principal of St Pius X College, Chatswood. 

John’s wife, Maree is assistant principal of St Paul of the Cross, Dulwich Hill, and two of their four children are also teachers. 

“My family is very involved in education,” he says. “Two of my sons, Michael and Matthew, are teachers at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Kensington. 

“Paul is an engineer, and our daughter Kathleen is a communications consultant, and we have two grandchildren. 

“We’ve always tried to emphasise to our children growth in their own faith, in their own development, and to try to make a contribution to other people and to the community.” 

It was John’s decision to return to teaching after a long stint with the Catholic Education Office that led him to St Pius X College. 


Education a ‘family business’ with faith at its heart (Catholic Weekly)