A future for religion in Australia


What is the future for the Church? A remnant on the sidelines of society or a vibrant people of God engaged in life and the community?

Australia continues to grow as a secular society. Secularism seems to be deep in the Australian psyche. 

Active affiliation with a religious denomination continues to decline across most if not all Christian Churches. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the vast majority of the youth of Australia see no need to be connected to a life of faith. 

Many would view religion as an outdated oddity full of prejudices, meanness and foolishness. The sex abuse scandals have so discredited the Churches that for many people, religion and sex abuse have become synonymous. 

And there is a significant group of people (and some young people) who still have some connection with a Church, albeit a tenuous connection, mixed with frustration and a heavy hearted loyalty as they see the Churches continually “getting it wrong”

So are we at the end game of religion and institutions of religion as we know them in Australia? 


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