A farewell

Dear friends,

We welcome you to the Faith Project and hope that you enjoy the opportunity to be involved and informed about your critical role in the on going faith of your family. Brother Tony Whelan cfc (pictured), last religious brother or sister as director of a Catholic Schools Office in Australia shares some reflections on his retirement after eleven years as Director of Schools. 

A few farewell thoughts from Brother Tony Whelan cfc 

Broken Bay Schools

“. . .my greatest joys were often in simple things – visiting classrooms and seeing youngsters using computers in spelling, and observing kindergarteners writing, meeting year six student leaders, and recognising primary schools debating finals contestants. With pride I will remember Australian Arts Alive music festivals, a year 11 student being best school apprentice of the year, the principal and year 12 students singing together. I did make a feature of visiting schools and particularly meeting the school principals on site.  I really enjoyed attending school concerts and speech nights as one means of affirming our principals and school staff.”

Thanks to Christian Brothers and Religious Institutes 

“I realise the simple fact that for now I am the last of the Religious sisters or brothers holding the office of Director. Over the past fifty years religious have successfully transferred the vision and responsibility of Catholic education to our lay partners in the vineyard. “


“… I am very confident the future is in good hands with Peter Hamill. I again congratulate him and wish him well. There is good evidence that the Diocese and the Catholic Schools Office will relaunch into the deep. 

“We Christian Brothers conclude our common prayers with a simple expression that I wish for you: May Jesus live in our hearts.” 

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God bless 

(Father) John and Virginia