9/11 loud and close


EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE: Roadshow Films. Out February 23rd. 2012. Starring: Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Thomas Horn, Max von Sydow, Viola Davis, Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Caldwell, and John Goodman. Directed by Stephen Daldry. Rated PG (Mild themes and coarse language). 129 min.

This American drama is a film of the 2005 book of the same name by Jonathan Safran Foer. It has been nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (for Max von Sydow). The title tells it all. It is a film about the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, when a terrorist attack destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. The movie begins with a body falling in slow motion out of the sky.

The movie focuses on Oskar (Thomas Horn), the son of jeweller, Thomas Schell (Tom Hanks), who died in the attack. Following his father’s funeral, Oskar remembers the events set in train by that fateful day.

He recalls that on September 11 (“the worst day” for him) there were 6 messages from his father, who was at a meeting on the 105th. floor of the World Trade Centre. He then saw the tower collapse on television. Oskar cannot understand why his father died, or why the Trade Centre was attacked. 


Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (ACBC)