All eyes on Wayne Bennett


The NRL season will start this week. All eyes will be on Wayne Bennett. 

Can he do it again? Can he take a group of talented, rough diamonds and by some miracle transform them into ‘Knights in shining armour’? 

Undoubtedly Bennett is one of the greatest coaches in league’s history and everyone has an opinion about the secret to his success. 

Allan Langer once said that, “he’s like a father to all his players.” Is this the secret? Players follow him from club to club. Mark de Vere describes him as ‘the general every player would go into battle and die for.’ 

I wonder who Wayne would go into battle and die for? 

Wayne’s prepared to go into battle, against the odds, because he truly believes that you can make a difference in the lives other people. He’s heroic in the example of his family.

When asked on ABC’s Australian Story about his disabled son Justin he relied, “God gave me Justin for a lot of reasons. To make me obviously a better person, make me more tolerant, more understanding, because he’s given me all those qualities I can tell you.”   


All eyes will be on Wayne Bennett (Virginia Ryan)