The Church needs people who pray

I am frequently asked what I think is the greatest need in the Church today. Because of my work - and much of my writing - people presume how I will answer. 

They expect me to be what they call "action oriented" and "practical."  My answer is simple. 

“The greatest need in the Church today is more people who pray,” I respond. 

One of my favourite Bishops, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, once wrote: “The so-called ‘practical people’ are not really the most useful in the service of Christ's Church, nor are those who merely expound theories. Rather it is the true contemplatives who best serve her; those with the steady, generous and passionate desire of transfiguring and divinising all creation with Christ and in Christ. It may sound paradoxical, but in the Church of Jesus Christ, the mystic is the only practical person.” 



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