The Mass is not designed to entertain you!

The Mass is one of the areas within the Catholic tradition that has a mixed impact and success. But the Mass is the source and summit of the faith. 

Young people think it’s boring, but the mass is not designed to entertain them. It is designed to be about participation. 

Even if the music, readings and other rituals are not to your liking, you are still in control of how prayerful you are. The mass does not try to compete with Playstation or your favourite music video. 

Think about what the Mass can achieve in your life! You cannot partake in the Eucharist and not be changed.  


The Mass with Jonathan Doyle (Choicez)

Mass on Demand


From St Mary’s, North Sydney. The first Mass of the day on YouTube

Mass Online


Live streamed from Our Lady of the Rosary Cathedral, Waitara


Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer

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