My Lord and my God

. . . Behind Christ is God who reveals himself in Christ, ‘the I AM’ who is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Almighty, who is not the cosy God but the dynamic transforming and cosmic God, the only one whose mystery is big enough to show us a new way into the experience of the holy and large truth when we are disenchanted by unholy minutiae and legalism.

Young people, especially, are often reaching out to traditions other than the Christian to make contact with some mystical roots. As we come to the close of this liturgical year, perhaps we might reflect on these words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin with their loud echoes of the Book of Revelation and the glory of the Christ whom we are celebrating:

Glorious Lord Jesus . .  power as implacable as the world and as warm as life; you whose forehead is the whiteness of snow, whose eyes are of fire, and whose feet are brighter than molten gold; you whose hands imprison the stars; you who are the first and the last, and the living and the dead and the risen again; you who gather into your exuberant unity every beauty, every affinity, every energy, every mode of existence; it is you to whom my being cries out with a desire as vast as the universe. “In truth, you are my Lord and my God.” 

– Sr Vera Holyhead sgs, Sowing the Seed 

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