Educator calls for end to 'trashy' high school formals

A senior figure at a prestigious Perth Catholic school has launched a scathing attack on high school balls because they promote materialism and debauched behaviour as values to live up to.

Aquinas College spirituality director Andrew Kania, writing in The Record, questions why school balls and leavers’ week have become the main rite of passage events for young people and what they learn from them.

He said parents should help schools set higher standards, instead of allowing students to turn up drunk to school balls, spend huge amounts of money on hiring limousines and wear ball gowns that are too revealing.

“Hundreds of dollars are thrown away in an inane show of pretentiousness,” he said. “Our children ape the trashy rich.”

Society should find rites of passage that upheld spiritual values, such as volunteering for community service, instead of letting teens think that all there was to being an adult was “a good time, materialism, intoxication and the objectification of the human person”.


Educator calls for end to 'trashy' high school formals (CathNews)

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