Teacher’s visit to Jerusalem reinforces power of story


Almost 400 people from around the world attended the 8th International Holocaust Conference in Jerusalem. I encountered many stories during my time at Yad Vashem. 

Other parts of the Jewish story were absorbed via sensory overload in the museum and grounds: crossing the recreated tram lines and actual pavers from the main street of the Vilna ghetto in Lithuania.

Immersion into contemporary Jewish life in Jerusalem completed the story for me. 

Religious laws are evident everywhere, from not having to push the button at pedestrian crossings so as to avoid work on the Sabbath, to dining at two different levels within the same hotel, to avoid mixing dairy with meat in order to keep kosher.

These experiences were life altering. They helped to achieve the aim of the conference, which was to restore human faces to the 6.5 million who had perished in the Holocaust.


Teacher’s visit to Jerusalem reinforces power of story (Aurora)

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