Be a drug dealer


A few years ago I was listening to a CD of an American priest who talked about a conversation that he had with a former drug dealer who had become a Christian.  

The priest asked 'Why is is that so many more young people are caught up by drugs and alcohol than by the much deeper wonders of faith?'  

The former drug dealer told him 'Well when young people are getting together for sport or friendship, when they are gathering on the weekend  to celebrate or commiserate the people selling drugs are right there beside them.  And the Priests and Brothers and Nuns are usually tucked up at home in bed.'

Now obviously this statement is a massive generalisation that doesn't do justice to the work of many priests, brothers and nuns. However since hearing it I have told this story many times because it highlights so well the special role of young lay people in the New Evangelization. The truth is we can go into the places where drug dealers can go and priests normally can't.  In the school yard and the university, in the workplace or the local park, at the football club and the netball field, at the pub or the nightclub it is young people who can bring Christ alive in these situations by living their faith. 


Be a drug dealer (Devett O’Brien)