The power to see

LECTIO DIVINA:  Holy Reading

Sunday, October 28th, 2012,  is the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B. 

Lectio:  The Gospel is Mark 10:46-52.

Meditatio:  Some background to the text which will help us respond. I have chosen a Patristic commentary for this text, one by Clement of Alexandria (pictured).  

“Receive Christ, receive power to see, receive your light…more delightful than gold and precious stones, more desirable than honey and the honeycomb is the Word that has enlightened us.  How could he not be desirable, he who illumined minds buried in darkness, and endowed with clear vision “the light bearing eyes” of the soul.  Depite the other stars, without the sun the whole world would be plunged in darkness.  So likewise we ourselves, had we not known the Word and been enlightened by him, should have been no better off than plump poultry fattened in the dark, simply reared for death.  Let us open ourselves to the light, then and so to God.  Let us open ourselves to the light, and become disciples of the Lord.  Let us shake off the mist of ignorance and darkness that dims our eyes, and contemplate the true God, after first raising this song of praise to him:  “ All hail, O Light!”  For upon us, buried in darkness, imprisoned in the shadow of death, a heavenly light has shone, a light of a clarity surpassing the sun’s, and of a sweetness exceeding any which this earthly life can offer.  That light is eternal life, and those who receive it LIVE.

(Clement of Alexandria, Exhortation to the Greeks II). 

Read the text again.   Ponder on it before making your response.  I share mine in Evangelizatio No. 1.

EVANGELIZATIO – my lived response to the texts given to me by the Church for my “formation”.  In responding to these texts I am listening with the ear of my heart, taking their riches into my life and changing all the time more and more into Christ.

I am responding to the question of Jesus:  “What do you want me to do for you?”  The blind man in the Gospel replies:  “Lord, that I may see.”  I can make that my reply also.  But first I need to stay with the question.  So many people ask us:  What can I do for you today? (Doctors, Dentists, Tradesmen,  Computer Technicians).  There is always something to be fixed!!!  “What do you want me to do for you?”  Jesus is the one who fixes things so that they never break down again, unless one strays from His love.  I pray for the grace to remain close to His Love today and always, and that when I look in another direction, away from Him, He will call me back and say:  “What do you want me to do for you?”

Lectio Divina is a way of life, not a method of prayer.  It is about reading (and listening), reflecting, praying in tune with the Holy Spirit within me, resting in God, responding in the way I live, and continually pondering on the Scriptures.  The traditional Latin words for this way of prayer are:  Lectio, Meditatio, Oratio, Contemplatio, Evangelizatio and Ruminatio.  

– Sr Hildegard Ryan OSB, Jamberoo Abbey 

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