The Vatican's Facebook guru


The power of new media was illustrated in a disturbing way in the violent riot that broke out in Sydney's CBD recently. It erupted in the course of a demonstration by Muslims against the trailer for a very D-grade film, Innocence of Muslims, which was posted on YouTube.

The Sydney protest was part of general outrage by Muslims around the globe which drew attention to the trailer, and it went viral with millions viewing it on YouTube. And police in Sydney are still investigating the trail of text messages and social media sites that Muslim protestors used to organise themselves.

The man featured in this week’s video interview grapples daily with the dilemmas and promises of new media, and is trying to harness its potential to communicate about religion in a positive way.

Monsignor Paul Tighe is Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the Vatican department charged with trying to shape how the Church presents itself to the world.


The Vatican’s Facebook guru (Eureka Street)

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