Brain-training program for Catholic schools

A contentious brain-training program that claims to overcome learning difficulties will be offered in Sydney's Catholic school system next year as part of a two-year research project to assess the benefits for students, reports The Australian.

The Catholic Education Office Sydney will offer 20 students enrolled in its schools in years 9 and 10 next year the option of trying the Arrowsmith program -- 19 brain exercises claiming to address cognitive functions causing problems in students.

The program was developed by Canadian Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, who claims she "changed her brain" and overcame her own learning difficulties after devising these exercises based on neuroscientific research.

But the Arrowsmith program has been widely criticised. Linda Siegel, a professor in special education and fellow Canadian at the University of British Columbia, said there was "absolutely no evidence" the program was effective in overcoming learning difficulties.


Brain-training program for Catholic schools (CathNews)