Is it OK to date more than one person at a time?


The straightforward answer to this question is you are free to date more than one person until you commit to being exclusive with one person. 

The whole point of dating is to figure out what you eventually want in a spouse. Dating allows you to discover what you can’t live with, or without, and to learn more about your own values. Dating around can be a fun stage of being single!

If you are starting to get the sense that one or more of your dates would be hurt to find out you are dating other people, then that may be a sign that dating more than one person may no longer be appropriate. Let’s start by defining what you mean by “dating.” If dating means a couple of casual dates, along with light conversation and very limited to no physical intimacy, then you are really just getting to know someone and dating around is perfectly ok.

Now, if dating means consistent weekly contact for two months or more, coupled with long conversations about how much you are attracted to each other and some form of “making out,” then dating more than one person may start to feel like a betrayal. Even if you are not explicitly stating it, the amount of time and intimacy you share implies your interest is serious. If there is any confusion about exclusivity, then I would advise having that conversation. When another person’s emotions are involved, then we are called to take responsibility for those emotions. As Christians and as Catholics, this is one way we care for others. If you know that your date would be hurt or surprised that you are still dating other people, then your best bet is to be up front. No guilt or judgment; just be honest, so your date has the full picture before the connection between the two of you continues to deepen.


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