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Notre Dame lecturer’s advice for aspiring politicians


Politics lecturer Dr Martin Drum says young people who want to be politicians should follow what matters to them.

Dr Drum teaches at Notre Dame University in Perth. The university also has two campuses in Sydney.

He told The Record: “Everyone one of us have our own strengths and what we are passionate about, it doesn’t necessarily have to be academic, so the advice I would give would be to bring your own strengths into the political arena.”

He stresses the role of religious faith in the framing of legislation.

“Beliefs and values are very important when decisions are being made and I think that a broad range of opinions of a broad range of the population needs to be taken into consideration.”

Despite widespread misgivings about the quality of governments currently in power, he makes the point that Australia is lucky to have a stable system of government.

“Our political system is very stable and we have a good way of naturally transferring power within the government, we are also very committed,” he said.


The Interview with Dr Martin Drum (The Record)

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