Praying 4 U 2day

A little while ago I asked Fr Joseph Lamb, Senior Lecturer in Theology at ACU, to write an introduction to a resource book on Jesus. His final paragraphs really hit home to me the power of parents to influence and shape the lives of their children. 

We know it but it’s easy to forget. These simple words gave me the inspiration to regularly text my eldest son: am praying 4 u 2day please say prayer 4 me. He rarely replies, probably too busy praying but if I forget: Hi r u sending msg- miss them. Luv Tom.

“At this stage please allow me to say something about myself and how my present life is inspired by Jesus. When I was born my parents did not make plans for me!

“I remember the only plan my mum had was her prayer at bedtime. She daily said the same prayer: “God you have sent your son into our world with the uncertainties and risks which are parts of this world. You have given me my son and I am releasing him in this world, although, unlike you, I don’t know what his future will be.

"However, I trust in your guidance as you have guided your beloved son. You won’t let him dash his foot against a stone and as Father you won’t give him a stone if he begs for his daily bread. I trust in you, even when he meets difficulties and will face one day the breath of the death. I trust you, as your own beloved son have trusted in you”

“Her prayer becomes my prayer. Each time I think of her, I pray also the same prayer for her instead of praying for me. 

“This is the work of Jesus who continues to be with us through the work of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is the most precious moment in my life – at Jesus is often portrayed in the New Testament as a man of prayer. Jesus prays for us and therefore intercedes for us as his brothers and sisters. At the cross Jesus recommend his mother to the disciples and the disciples to his mother. 

“I hope that through Christ we continue to pray for each other and that we become for each other mothers and brothers and sisters. This is what Jesus commands us to do as his disciples, brothers and sisters.”

– Virginia Ryan, CSO Broken Bay