Healing when we least expect it


On Friday night my husband and I were rushing to meet friends at the local cinema to see The Sapphires. I couldn’t recall that I actually agreed to go to the movies. Yes I’ve been busy and distracted. I was tired, really tired. He was late; the flight from Melbourne was delayed. We hadn’t bought the tickets or had time for dinner beforehand. I was stewing.

The movie began and I started to list all the reasons why I didn’t want to be there; my body language said it all. Then my husband lent across and gently squeezed my hand. He said nothing. I melted, took a deep breath and smiled into the darkness.

Healing can take place when we least expect it and often in the most ordinary of places. 

Sr Hildegard from Jamberoo Abbey wrote only this week:

I was standing outside Coles in Bowral, having been to a medical appointment. I was waiting for my sister who was shopping. A young woman, very obviously mentally handicapped came up to me and started chatting. She said my glasses needed cleaning. I explained that I didn’t have sight in my right eye, and that the ‘scratched’ glass was to block out the trouble.

I told her about my brain surgery. She told me that Jesus loved me, and asked if she could pray over me. Of course I agreed. I would never say “no” to anyone who wanted to pray over me.

She laid her hands on my shoulders and began to pray. I’ve never felt anything like it for its power and beauty. If I had shown partiality, and been embarrassed by her handicap, and broken free of her, I would not have known this miracle which happened outside the Supermarket. For the rest of the day, all I knew was a deep and abiding peace.

– Virginia Ryan is Adult Faith Formation Officer, Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Broken Bay