Sam Prince’s big dreams

Stoke the fires of your dreams and work towards them and the universe will conspire to do the rest. 

That's the message medical doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr Sam Prince had for The University of Notre Dame Australia's alumni at a reunion function which included the Sydney Campus' first cohort of medicine graduates.

Dr Prince, current ACT Young Australian of the Year, described his life as something of a "dog's breakfast”. 

He is a Scottish-born, Australian doctor who runs a chain of Mexican restaurants and spearheads aid work in Sri Lanka and east Arnhem Land. 

The trajectory of Dr Prince's career may look haphazard at first glance, but the 28 year old allowed the Notre Dame community an insight into the life-changing moments that have shaped his outlook and demonstrated that his path is anything but random.

In 2006, while studying medicine, Dr Prince believed a market existed for healthy Mexican food, so he opened a restaurant in Canberra called Zambrero.

Today, the chain has 20 outlets across Australia and its profits have funded a myriad of philanthropic projects, including the construction of 15 IT schools in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and far north Queensland; the creation of public education campaigns in Sri Lanka aimed at reducing deaths from snake bites and dengue fever and, through Dr Prince's charitable organisation, One Disease at a Time, set in motion a project aimed at eliminating scabies in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.


Dream big: Sam Prince inspires Notre Dame alumni (University of Notre Dame Australia)