My new grandson Harry Isaac


My newest grandson is just a few weeks old. 

He needed a bit of help to be born, so instead of being one of my daughter’s birth buddies, I waited anxiously in her room while a doctor in the hospital theatre gently lifted her second child into the waiting hands of his father. 

Nine months had done their job. DNA had distributed the family genes into yet another unique model. 

They called him Harry Isaac. It’s just possible that his dad thought Harry was a good name for a future Australian cricketer, or maybe a fullback for Collingwood. 

Sometime in the next year Harry will be baptised into the Catholic tradition. 

If infant Baptism is seen mostly as a rite of passage along with things like first birthday parties and a ticket into a Catholic school, then maybe there’s something to be said for adult baptism. 

My understanding of baptism and of being Catholic has changed greatly over the years. It’s a changing world, but not necessarily a changing Church. Along with the way they parent, our adult children are challenging and questioning the religious values they inherited from us. 


My new grandson Harry Isaac (Judith Lynch / CathNews)

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