Be careful about what you pray for, it just might come true


Some of us have an interesting view of God and what our prayers to Him can reap. Some see God as a vending machine: you go to Him when needed, select what you want, in go a few prayers and out comes your answer. 

Others view God as a genie in a bottle; He only grants so many wishes and then is rather worthless, unless the bottle suits your décor. Another common view is that God is basically an all-year-round Santa Claus; when you’ve been very good He gives you gifts – but watch out if you’ve been naughty! 

The fact is, God is none of the above. Mind you, that doesn’t stop us trying to “encourage” Him to see the situation in our light and that what we are asking is a very good thing indeed. As humans, we like a quick fix. It’s in our nature. If we can avoid pain and suffering, or hard work and effort, we will. 

The problem is, “...we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” (Rom 8:28). Sadly, that usually means He wants us to be better, not just to get what we want. 


Be careful what you pray for, it just might come true (Catholic Weekly)

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