Nurturing discipleship in our children


Our children have the aptitude to be incredible disciples! Generally, they are naturals at finding a focus and rounding up friends to follow along, which is what discipleship is all about. 

Recent technological advances in communications have given them the means to connect with friends and spread their message on a scale far greater than ever before and their capacity to network is considerable. As their guides, we should recognise their potential to be disciples and encourage them to see the value of making Jesus their focus and incorporating him into their online communications.

From an early age, our children know about being part of a group: they are a student in a school classroom, a player on a sporting team, a member of a band, orchestra or choir. 

They are experienced at recognising leaders in the form of teachers, coaches and conductors and they understand the dynamics of following, or not following, the group’s activity. In their social lives, they gravitate into friendship groups, identify leaders and tend to follow the group’s code of identity in such matters as dress, lingo and interests.

The last decade has been phenomenal for the extent to which our youth have applied the concept of discipleship to modern communication, in particular with social media sites. 


Nurturing discipleship in our children (Echoing the Word)