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God does not answer prayers on cue

Two of my college educated sons have been out of work for several years. My prayer to God has been that I will pay any price for them to get jobs, but it seems like nothing is coming from heaven to support them, writes a desperate mother.

“Please help me find something to say to them so they don’t lose faith and hope in this relentless phase of struggle and ongoing disappointment.”

Catholic Spiritual Direction’s Fr John answers that her question boils down to this: “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers the way I want them to be answered?” 

What is the purpose of the delay?

“In times of crisis, we have to intentionally exercise our faith, purposely and courageously reminding ourselves that God’s ultimate purpose is to bring each person into a deeper and deeper communion with himself," says Fr John.

"This communion begins and grows here on earth, but it reaches its fulfilment only in heaven. The battles, struggles, sorrows, and often horrible sufferings we face on our earthly pilgrimage are inescapable in a fallen world; but God, far from being absent in the midst of them, has transformed them into channels of grace, gymnasiums of virtue, and bridges to greater wisdom, mercy, and spiritual maturity.”


A mother’s plea: Why does God delay in answering my prayers? (Catholic Spiritual Direction)

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