Miracle boy a precious gift from God


Nicholas Byrnes, who marked his first birthday last month, was baptised in his Brisbane suburban parish on May 12 amid tears of relief and celebration.

Anthea Nicholas and Peter Byrnes, who married in September 2010, were told their wish to be parents would remain unrealised.

As a result they fostered two teenage girls "for a couple of years to give something back".

Feeling unwell, 49-year-old Anthea visited her doctor who suspected the onset of menopause.

"I had been sick for some time," Anthea said.

"I was exhausted and my doctor said I needed to take some 'time out'."

Relieved she "wasn't seriously ill", telling the menopausal news to Peter was met with disappointment.

"Peter was devastated," Anthea said.

"He told me it means we can never have a baby ... (and) that he thought maybe one day it would happen.

"I had no idea he still was thinking like that."

After witnessing Anthea "being violently ill" soon after, the 50-plus soon-to-be dad went online for information.

"Pete said to me the only difference between menopause and pregnancy is vomiting," Anthea said of his findings.

"He bought a pregnancy test ... he picked it."

A positive result had Peter "jumping around and yahooing" while Anthea admitted to feeling fearful.


Miracle boy’s precious gift from God (Catholic Leader)

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