The sizzle of bullying


Bullying is a sizzle word. In marketing it is said that it is not the sausage that sells the sandwich, it’s the sizzle, the smell and the crackling of meat on a grill.

A sizzle word is one which attracts attention.

“Bullying” is one such word, because it evokes an emotive response. Bullying has affected everyone on the planet, we have each been a bully, been bullied or witnessed bullying.

The media know this and bombard us, labelling every negative behaviour as bullying.

As an anti-bullying campaigner, I speak to thousands each year on bulling, what it is and what it is not, why people bully and how we can stop it.

The simple statement “I’ve been bullied” doesn’t seem to convey the feelings of loneliness, intimidation, frustration, shame and even illness that builds up inside you when you have been bullied. Destructive thoughts whirl around inside your head – revenge, retribution, justice, punishment of the bullying or bullies. 

This is deep stuff.


What is bullying? (Aurora)

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