Mobiles welcome in classroom

Students at an Adelaide Catholic college are actively encouraged to use their mobile phones in class as part of a cyber-smart curriculum using YouTube and gaming consoles to help nurture an e-intelligence without fear.

St Mary’s College Technology Coordinator Giovanna Iannicelli said students from Kindergarten through to Year 12 were permitted to use their mobile phones for curriculum purposes, such as video-taping a lesson or teacher presentations and photographing resources.

“We understand that technology is part of our students’ identity, so rather than forbidding them from using the technology we have tried to embrace it,” she said.

In recent years, teachers and parents across Australia have voiced concern over the use of mobile phones at school as a tool for cheating in tests and cyber bullying, with some schools banning mobile use at school altogether. And last month a Queensland principal, in a bid to stamp out cyber-bullying at her school, made headlines after threatening to expel students aged under 13 years old refusing to delete their Facebook accounts.


Mobiles welcome in classroom (Southern Cross - page 5)