Teen girl's post-traumatic guilt trip


Margaret (MA 15+). Director: Sarah Polley. Starring Anna Paquin, Matt Damon, Mark Ruffalo. 150 minutes

Can you make amends without accepting responsibility? This ethical oxymoron is at the heart of the news film Margaret. 

Bright but self-centred student Lisa contributes to the death of a pedestrian when she actively distracts a bus driver, causing him to run a red light. 

Subsequently (and notwithstanding some self-examination) she attempts to mitigate her guilt by punishing the driver's wrongdoing, rather than repenting her own.

Throughout the film, the pattern of justice and revenge are tested on both the personal and extra-personal level. The ethics of the conflict between Islam and the West are hotly debated in Lisa's high school and among adults too.


Teen girl's post-traumatic guilt trip (Eureka Street)