Judge seeks parental liability for bullying


A former chief justice of the Family Court has called for national laws to deal with bullying in the school yard and cyberspace.

Alastair Nicholson also says parents and schools should be made legally liable for failing to address bullying behaviour, even if it's off campus and outside hours.

Speaking at a conference for the National Centre Against Bullying, of which he is chairman, Mr Nicholson told reporters he did not believe "too many" parents would be forced to pay damages if they were made legally responsible for their child's bullying antics.

Schools also needed to be aware how far their responsibilities extended when it came to addressing bullying, Mr Nicholson said.

"There's a strong argument for example that if a child is being bullied at school and the bullying continues at home and the school becomes aware of it, that the school does have an obligation to try and do something to stop it, whether it's at home or in the school grounds," he said.


Parents of bullies should pay: Nicholson (Sydney Morning Herald)