Assisting deaf children’s learning

Auditory Communication for Deaf Children: A guide for teachers, parents and health professionals by Norman P. Erber (ACER 2011)

Norman Erber’s early work was trendsetting and valuable to practitioners. This new publication carries on his tradition of high quality content delivered in an easy-to-use format. Not only is this book useful for the practicing professional, it is also appropriate for parents. The book is replete with examples and practice items.

Chapter five provides a comprehensive review of the theoretical underpinnings of a good auditory training program. The content in chapter six extends this discussion and addresses the application of auditory training to the ubiquitous telephone. This chapter allows parents and professionals to introduce auditory training into the practical routines of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

So often, parents and professionals work to develop the speech skills of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing without focusing on the need to develop that child’s listening skills. In this book, chapters two and eight focus specifically on the integration of speech perception and speech production. This is done through the presentation of theoretical principles, examples and practical strategies.

Learning to listen is a full time commitment for those living with and interacting with a child who is deaf or hard of hearing. The content in this new book makes the requisite procedures ever more accessible to parents, teachers and therapists.


Book Review: Auditory Communication for Deaf Children (ACER)

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