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Thanking God for 'worry-free moments'


Why does everything happen at once? Ask any teenager and they'll tell you: yes, everything happens at once.

Assignments, exams, getting the flu, sporting finals, music lessons, birthdays, driving tests, formals, I could go on.

There's a species of Year 12 students who, each year around late August, travel at warp speed simply to get everything done on time.

The rest go into hiding as a coping mechanism - if no one can find them, then they actually have a chance of completing everything they need to.

My prayers lately have been about asking for strength and resilience; a mind free from stress to be able to concentrate, and achieve everything I need to.

But when it comes down to it, I am a young adult and I will always have something to worry over - it's whether I choose to let it get to me or not.

So maybe my prayers from now on need to be about thanking God for those worry-free moments in my daily life. Those - albeit rare - moments of clarity and peace.


Thanking God for 'worry-free moments' (Catholic Leader)

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