Why a Catholic teacher needs to know where they come from


One of my favourite speakers has the great line, “You don’t need a great idea. You just need a good idea that you are prepared to use.” 

Over the years I have learned that most of the time all it takes to change an important area of our lives is simply a good idea that we are prepared to use. And that is what I want to give you this week – a simple idea that could make a big difference.

A few weeks back I was preparing for two days of seminars I was going to be delivering to a large group of teachers at a diocesan Catholic Education Office. 

Amidst all the business of my life I decided that I should re-read the 245 pages of the Catholic Church’s main documents related to education from 1965 – 2002 before I turned up. To be honest, it was big job and it involved a rather significant amount of caffeine at various times but I got there.


Why a Catholic teacher needs to know where they come from (Being Catholic)

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